Stopping Google+ for Consumer (Personal) Accounts on April 2, 2019



On April 2, 2019, we’re stopping Google+ for customers. Other Google products (like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive) will be dismissed as part of a consumer Google+ shutdown “

After facing a major hacking attack on Google+ last year, I know Google has decided to stop the service. Google publishes a proper notification for termination of this service, and it’s time to delete it. The Google+ site will be closed by April this year, Google has announced.
On February 4, 2019, the ability to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities and events will be suspended. Google+ comment support for Blogger websites will be suspended from 4th February and comments posted on other websites will be disabled on March 7th. All comments posted on this page will be deleted on April 2.
Web sites and apps that use the Google+ sign-in button will be disabled in the next few weeks, and in some services these buttons will be transferred to Google sign-in. Administrators and administrators in the Google+ community can download all public records to download the author, body and all photos to download the data from their community, and download from March.
All Google+ accounts and pages will be closed all the time from April 2, Google will clean up all other data except photos taken by Google. Google says that this data can be accessed by some users, which may take several months to end.
However, this service is not lost to corporate customers of Google+ service using G Suit. Google continues to offer this service with some additional upgrades. With this, Google+ service over 8 years will end up, now it’s time to back up your data on Google+. Read Me



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