Unit 02 - Data Communication | #Grade_10 #07 #Tamil

The following are the basic components that are needed for data communication.

  • Sender / Source – the person or the object which sends data
  • Medium – medium used to transmit data (telephone wires / wireless)
  • Receiver/ destination – the person or the object which receives data
Data Transmission Modes
There are several modes of data transmission between sender and receiver. 

Simplex Mode
Data is transmitted from the sender to the receiver only. Getting print outs, watching television, and listening to radio can be given as examples

Half- duplex Mode
Here, data is transmitted to one direction at a time. This means after data is transmitted from sender / source to the receiver, the receiver can transmit data back to the sender / source. Browsing internet to get information and walkie-talkie used by security forces can be given as examples.

Full Duplex Mode
Data is transmitted to both sides at the same time is called Full duplex. Telephone conversation is an example for full duplex mode communication.

Data Transmission Media
This is another important feature when creating connections among systems. There are two types of data transmission medium. Those are called Guided/Wired and Unguided/Wireless. The following are some examples.

Guided / Wired
If the medium used for data transmission is a physical medium, it is called guided or wired.

Twisted Pair
  1. Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
The twisted copper wire pairs used for telephone connections. These are very flexible and low-priced. However, it is difficult to transmit data for a long distance through UTP wires. It is suitable for maximum of 100 meters.  
    1. Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) 
    STP is a better quality and secure data transmission medium. However it is expensive.

    Coaxial Cable

    Fiber Optics cable 

    Unguided/Wireless Media
    Data is transmitted as signal through the air without using physical medium is called unguided/wireless media

    Radio waves
    Data transmission is performed using radio waves. Wifi and Bluetooth are examples for radio waves based communication.

    Microwaves travel in a linear mode. Transmission center is positioned facing each other. The distance between centers are decided based on geographical factor of the area. Microwaves are used in Satellite communication to transmit data as transponders. Satellite centers, which are positioned in the sky above 36000 km, capture data transmitted as microwaves through satellite towers positioned in the Earth and then transmit the data back to the required tower. Using this method, data can be transmitted to any distance. This is also used in internet communication. 

    Infrared data transmission is used in TV remote controllers, wireless keyboards and mouse etc. 

    Unit 02 - Data Communication | #Grade_10 #07 #Tamil


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